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Did You Know?

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is one of the few CONTROLLABLE business taxes employers must pay. Unfortunately, because of the increasing complexity of state laws and taxes, businesses annually overpay an average of 10.8% in unemployment claims benefits.

Here's How We Can We Help With These Costs:

1.  Relieve The Burden Of Claims Administration

Our team will carry the burden of meeting the state’s deadlines, reducing your claim exposure, and improving your results. If necessary, we will help you file the most effective defense possible and electronically track the claim to ensure an accurate determination is made of the claimant’s eligibility.

2.  Eliminate Benefit Charge Errors

The Department of Labor estimates that 9% of all benefit charges are made in error. Your statements will be reviewed for accuracy, and any erroneous charges will be protested.

3.  Annual UI Tax Rate Verification

Our team proactively conducts annual tax rate verifications for you and will protest inaccurate unemployment insurance tax rates. As part of this process, we will also identify voluntary contribution opportunities where you can “buy-down” your UI tax rate, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

4.  Improve Court Hearing Results

Our Hearing Consultants know what to expect during a hearing and will help you prepare a complete and accurate case, so you have the best chance of a favorable result.

5.  Stay Informed With Online Reporting

Identify actionable trends with our easy-to-use online reporting tool. Online management reporting gives you access to the real-time status of claims, appeals, and hearings. Plus, you can generate customized reports.

6.  Serve As Your Advocate

Our Government Relations Team actively works with the Department of Labor and state agencies to improve processes for our clients.

Let Us Assist You in Controlling These Costs!